I am trying to use the desktop App but only see a blank screen when I log in.


There are a couple of issues that might not allow the playing of the video player, please check the following:

  1. No flash installed– you need to have flash installed in order to record / play a video. To download flash click on the following link: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ Once you have downloaded flash you will need to restart your browser.
  2. Your security settings might be set too high, this is an issue pretty common on IE. The security level needs to be set at medium – high, any higher than this won't allow the flash recorder to download. Solution – reduce security level on browser.
  3. Security within the company / office / workplace doesn't allow flash. Can you access and play videos on sites such as You Tube? If you can't this confirms that it is a security issue on your side. You need to submit wizZki.com to your technical people and get access to record / view videos on it granted.
  4. Flashblock installed on Firefox: If you have a plug in called Flashblock 1.5.10. the video recorder or player won’t download. Solution to this - Right click on the Flashblock placeholder. Click 'Allow Flash from this site'. Refresh the page. Once this is done you can record or play a video.

Still experiencing difficulties, try using our free tablet / smartphone Apps or contact us.


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