My webcam isn’t working for my Interview.


There are several factors that can cause your webcam to not work properly:

  1. Too little light

The room is too dark and the computer may be slow. To solve this make the room brighter and make sure you have a light in front of your face. Dark colours take more hardware resources (even for video recording) to process, so it requires more of your computer.


  1. Too many applications accessing the webcam

You are trying to do the webcam test but you cannot see an image of yourself, or you only see a black screen. If you have a lot of other applications open at the same time, and one of them is using the webcam (such as Skype), you will not be able to proceed. Please shut down all other applications and restart your browser. WizZki application should now be able to pick up your webcam.


  1. Hardware failure

If the hardware is not working you can first try to update the drivers for the webcam and make sure that you do not have unnecessary tools available with the webcam. If this still does not sort it you will unfortunately have to replace the webcam or choose to use one of our alternative App options such as our smartphone or tablet App. 


Hope this will help, but otherwise please contact us at



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